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    Social Responsibility

    Social and environmental responsibility is part of our philosophy, we know that while we can contribute to building a better place, society will develop under the best conditions and this benefits us all.

    Social Responsible Technology

    In the past years, we developed an app to inform the users of the possible natural disasters that could affect the country, in order to safeguard your life and your loved ones. Besides, you can download various infographics and if necessary the authorities will locate your position and indicate the nearest temporary shelter to you. We are socially committed to helping society in all types of emergencies with our digital services.


    Most of our companies offer digital services, this represents 95% of the total services we offer, making us a paperless company. This is one of the multiple benefits of offering digital services. In our company, you will never receive physical correspondence or unnecessary documents because our commitment is with the planet and with you.

    Supporting Good Causes

    Besides, we offer digital services and free advice to NGOs that support environmental and animal protection causes so that their efforts reach many more people.
    The purpose of this app is to keep its users informed and warned of possible natural disasters that may affect the country, to safeguard their lives and that of their family. In addition, it allows you to download the infographic and, if necessary, the authorities will indicate and locate the nearest temporary shelter.